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SCB Submission Guidelines


Thank you for your interest in SCB Distributors. While we welcome all submissions, SCB is especially interested in publishers with established programs printing four or more titles per year.

SCB's Editorial & Acquisitions Committee considers many criteria when assessing potential new publishers, but these elements are essential:

  • Well-designed trade covers and interiors
  • Strong publicity and promotional plans
  • Self-capitalized publishers with creditable business plans
  • Well-researched content
  • Credible authors
  • Ample resources for marketing opportunities
  • Most importantly, SCB accepts new publishers based on their ability to complement or deepen our existing list without competing directly with our existing client publishers. Please familiarize yourself with SCB's publishers and titles, available via the "Order Books from SCB" link on our home page.

One-Book Publishers
SCB does not encourage submissions from publishers with single, self-published titles. Individuals with single-title lists benefit greatly from representing themselves to, and therefore learning about, the book trade. There are numerous good resources for startup self-publishers.

Further, SCB is not a book publisher, and cannot accept manuscripts from writers seeking publication.


Response Time
SCB receives thousands of new submissions per year, and we evaluate each one. Therefore, though our Editorial & Acquisitions Committee meets regularly, please allow 4-6 weeks for a response. If you provide your email address, we can give you our decision more quickly.

A Note on Selling Seasons
SCB produces two catalogs per year and present each season's lists to our SCB Sales Reps 5 months in advance. So, keep in mind that we need to review your titles at least 6 months prior to the launch of a new season.

What Your Package Should Include

  • A copy of your best-selling titles (or artwork, page spreads or galleys for books in production)
  • Complete title list with backlist and any upcoming publishing plans
  • Sales history of each title, including original pub date, sales Year-to-Date and previous year, Lifetime sales,
  • Available Stock and Location, and sales projections of future titles
  • Marketing and publicity plans, including copies of recent advertising and reviews, and marketing plans and budgets for upcoming titles
  • Current catalog, if available

Where to Send Materials
Please send your queries and/or materials to:

SCB Distributors
Attn: Acquisitions Committee
15608 S. New Century Drive
Gardena, CA 90248-2129

Note: Due to the large number of submissions, SCB is not able to return any materials and is neither responsible for nor liable for any material sent to SCB.


15608 South New Century Drive
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(800) 729-6423
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fax (310) 532-7001

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